Architectural Philosophy

Chris’s focus is on delivering buildings that suit and enhance the specific needs of the client and their day to day living habits. Chris believes design should be functional, attractive, sustainable and cost-effective. Instructing an architect and building a house or an extension can be complicated and confusing, Chris believes that one of his key jobs is to explain the entire process and what that entails from the outset in clear, easy to understand terms.

Architectural Experience

Chris Bayly has over seven years professional experience focussed predominately with one-off houses, including extensions, listed buildings and new build houses in rural settings from small to very large budgets. Before qualifying as an architect, Chris spent a year and a half living in Chile where he implemented a grass roots project that enabled local children to design and build a garden for their own school using recycled materials.

About Chris Bayly

Born in the rolling hills of Stroud in Gloucestershire, Chris has always enjoyed an outdoors lifestyle which led to his love of traveling, running and architecture.  Chris has completed several marathon races including a trail marathon and visited many different parts of the world that has influenced his thinking and approach to architecture. Most of his spare time is now spent renovating the house he bought is Salisbury , where he is able to practically apply some of the skills he has learned over the years.


Chris started his architectural education with three years at the University of Manchester, followed by a work placement year at Quattro Design Architects in Gloucestershire where he worked across a broad range of projects in the ‘housing’ and ‘Health, Education and Community’ teams. A further two years were spent at the University of Manchester followed by another work placement year at The Classic Architecture Company in Salisbury. A final year was spent at The University of the West of England in order to fully qualify as a Chartered Architect back in 2016.